5 Small Towns Yet Beautiful in Great Britain

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The United Kingdom is not only a place with a fantastic history and culture but a location with many amazing attractions, visited by tourists from every corner of the world. In order to do something different in the UK, we will present you 5 small towns yet beautiful where you can just relax, enjoy long walks, and be surrounded by nature.


Our opinion is that this place is really special. You can find it on the magnificent Welsh coastline where is plenty to explore. The houses have an Italian design and they have very bright colors such as white, orange, turquoise, light blue, yellow, and green. After we have done our research and saw this amazing little town, to be honest, we wouldn’t think that you can find something like this in the UK. But it seems that this place actually exists and you should definitely visit it in the near future.


If you have seen Lord of the Rings, then this small town actually looks like the village where Bilbo Baggings used to live. It is extremely picturesque, with small traditional English cottages and plenty of trees, flowers, and grass. All the cottages have chimneys which makes them perfect for anyone who wants to spend a few romantic days with the partner. The town also has a few cozy little pubs where you can enjoy a drink while you can chat with the locals which by the way are very friendly. In Bibury, you will feel at home and you will certainly want to come back.


This small town is located on the ancient Cardigan Coastline, an area that has stunning views. It is a fishing town with plenty of colorful houses that look magical. In Aberaeron, you will find the best locally-sourced food in entire West Wales. People from here are friendly, welcoming, and extremely chatty as well. Therefore, do not hesitate to talk to them about anything you want. Don’t think too much and choose this town for spending your next weekend.


The landscapes are absolutely delightful at Applecross. If you are looking for a place to meditated and just relax, then you should choose this small yet charming English town. The food is delicious here, not to mention the amazing white-sandy beaches. In the summertime, the place is full of visitors, which means that you need to book your accommodation for at least one month in advance. However, you will definitely have a great time here no matter the season.


We finish our top with Knaresborough, a small town situated very close to Harrogate. Every Wednesday, this place is crammed with plenty of little stalls and sellers that provide the most delicious local treats. There is also an impressive castle which you must not miss in case you decide to visit this lovely town. Just a few days spent in this quiet place will help you reduce stress and recharge your batteries, especially if you actually live in a big and noisy city.



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